Elk Run Farm welcomes consignment horses. We are breeders dedicated to finding great partners for our offspring and will do that for yours also. We mainly deal in Dressage and Jumping horses but have recently added a tack section to our website. Basically here is how it works. We charge $50 first to put up a picture of your horse on the website-- the webmaster can scan a 35 mm picture or take digital pictures via email. Or we can from good quality video take pictures off the tape via the computer. You really want to send us a great original tape or good picture as this is the first thing prospective buyers see and that is what they ask for video off of. Then you need to send a video of your horse or horses. If they are riding horses of course you need some under saddle footage -- walk, trot and canter both directions. It needs to be clear and in good light. Young horses can be filmed free. It is nice to stand all horses up for conformation and walk them towards and away from the camera so prospective buyers can see their legs.


After the video and pictures are sent to: Elk Run Farm, 4705 Hwy 35, Hood River, Ore 97031 we will then put your horse up on the website. We need some text -- or information about your horse ie. age, size, what the horse has done, lineage. I will also need contact information such as your name, address and especially phone and email information so buyers can contact you. I will send out videos on your horses and if I send a buyer to you and they buy your horse then you pay me a 5% commission of the selling price. Prices for horses on the website are predetermined by the owner -- I will only make suggestions and I can raise or lower them whenever you like. If you have any questions or feedback for me you can call me at 541-354-1291.


Your horse will stay on the website as long as you and I determine. I may time to time request new pictures or video just to update! Well Happy Horse shopping! Barb




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