Elk Run Farm is kinda of a funny place. When we were putting up the fences the Elk had a front seat, and would hang out in the pastures, hence the name "Elk Run Farm". We are located in Hood River, Oregon, between the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. It is an absolutely beautiful place to live and visit. 

When we started this web endeavor, we did it just to sell the horses we were breeding right here at Elk Run Farm. We were asked by so many people that now we are selling quality horses from all over! 

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We have put together some photos of all of us at work, around the farm and at some of the shows. We hope you enjoy our Family Album. Take a look around our web site, we have beautiful horses, informational articles, great horses from all over the country and links to some of our favorite people. 

Family Scrapbook

Cassie on Gloree  
Barb and Amy at Monroe show


Marie, Barb and Dolly at World Cup 2005 in Vegas!


Our Favorite Trainer, Ali!

Barb on Petie!

Leandra on Deco (AKA Deca)

Amy and Bike Boy (resident poser)

Cassie on Austin
Bailey and Carsen with Icee and Irina

Tedi on Wynona

Marie on Icee

Dolly on Lady Hawke


Mike with Mr. T

Phoebe and Heath
Show Season Photos Consigment Horses

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