Hanoverian Colt by Grusus
Goetz Grant at trot, 8/2000

Goetz Grant at Elk Run Farm, 5/01

Goetz Grant, Hanoverian Gelding

2000 AHS Registered and branded colt. By Graf Goetz Hanoverian Stallion out of Mistical Star, Arab Mare. Inspected by Dr. Christaian " very good trot", "very good type" and "very balanced." IAHA 1/2 Arabian, IAHA Sweepstakes.  


Gong HAN
Gotz HAN Adlerheldin HAN
Graf Goetz HAN  Wotan HAN
Sire Wotansdolde HAN Adlerdolde HAN
Pietuszok DWA ox
Pyatigorsk ox Mistical Lady ox
Misical Star ox Bask ox
Dam Star of Ofir ox Llana ox

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